Tuesday, October 20, 2009

October 2009 Activity -- Horror Makeup

Thursday, October 22, 2009
The Soundry, Vienna, VA, www.thesoundry.net
Cost: $27/person (instruction and supplies)

The course description on The Soundry website said, "Make your scary Halloween costume truly grotesque with this workshop on horror makeup. Learn simple techniques for creating authentic-looking flesh wounds, wrinkled skin, bulbous lesions, and more with liquid latex, fake blood, and face paint."

Soundry -- you had us at "authentic-looking flesh wounds."

Since it was a school night, we met at Bazin's for dinner and drinks in advance of our activity. (Two words: yum). Dilettante Amanda brought along some Tupperware she was returning to Dilettante Kathleen and a couple of other things that she had in a brown paper bag that she placed under the table during dinner. (Remember this fact...it will be important later.)

After our meal, we headed around the corner to The Soundry for our class. We met Jordana, the instructor, on our way in and went into the back of the space to get set up at a table. She provided each of us with our own tubes of black, white and green makeup, some liquid latex, a tube of fake blood and a palette of assorted colors of cream makeup.  Oh, and we also each got a container of a product called, "creepy skin." (Why did we not know about this when we were dating? Do you know how many bad dates this stuff could have prevented us from suffering through? When I remarket this as "Bad Date Ender" it will include the instructions: Go into restroom. Return sporting hideous growth. Bad date over.)  It's genius, really. (Except that some of the guys I dated may have been into that sort of thing. But that's a story for another blog.)

Jordana began by teaching us how to do Zombie faces (blending the black is the key -- you don't want to look too raccoon-like). The Zombie faces were super-scary -- especially when she used a stippling sponge to add blood all around Amanda's mouth. (And as scary as that was, it did not rival the horror of Amy's comment about her husband getting some "zombie strange" later that night.)

Amy took off to the bathroom with her creepy skin and returned with a bullet hole in the middle of her forehead that was dripping blood. It was exceptionally realistic and quite disturbing. Jordana transformed Nicole into a witch by adding a bulbous nose and black and green makeup to her face until she was unrecognizable and then did a scary skeletal hand out of liquid latex on Kathleen's hand that was dripping blood.

At about this time, Amanda remembered that she had left her bag at Bazin's and stated simply, "oh, well, I'll just pick it up after class." (Forgetting, of course, that she was now a flesh-eating zombie.) We did end up going to Bazin's when our class ended. The handful of people at the bar were amused by our makeup yet the Bazin's staff appeared to have no sense of humor at all. Especially when I wrote down my name and phone number for them to call me when they located the bag, and dripped blood onto their notepad.


Anonymous said...

LOVE dilettante Amanda's new hair.

Brutalism said...

Anon - She is going all "wendy lou hoo" -- very retro

Jordana said...

Glad you guys enjoyed the horror makeup workshop last night! I really enjoyed working with you and I absolutely love this blog! Lots of great ideas to try.

Also, I'd love it if you wouldn't mind sending me some of the photos you took. Thanks!

YinMetYang said...

Liquid latex = swingers (again)

Brutalism said...

Hey, Jordana! We loved the class -- thanks! I will send photos in the next couple of days...

Brutalism said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
beth barnes said...

The description didn't fully grab me until the mention of "bulbous lesions." Doesn't get more exciting than that!

Anonymous said...

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dilettante07 said...

Dear Anonymous--Thank you for your generous offer to have the Dilettantes serve as spokespeople for you very creative dating site. Clearly you are a big fan, and have noticed from our posts on say, Improv, Segway, Flower arranging (to name but a few), that we would be excellent candidates for the service you plan to offer.

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