Sunday, April 22, 2007

April 2007 Activity -- Decorating

April 22, 2007
10:30 - 11:30 am
Pottery Barn
Tyson's Corner Galleria
International Drive, McLean, VA 22102
(703) 821-8504
Cost: Free

Our decorating class began with a short presentation by the Benjamin Moore rep, who explained a bunch of decorative painting techniques for outdoor spaces (they have a partnership with Pottery Barn and are featured in all of the stores and catalog tableaus). That was informative and timely, as we are finally seeing some nice, warm weather here in the DC area and are all starting to think about our decks and patios.

The next part of the workshop entailed the Pottery Barn employee walking us around the store to point out all of their new merchandise. She didn't really provide too many decorating was more about how we could buy things from the store and put them together to create -- WOW! -- exactly the same thing that was available in the store displays. She also mentioned that every season, she completely rotates her furnishings and home decor -- puts away velvet pillow covers and replaces them with linen ones, rolls up wool rugs and replaces them with sisals...replaces photos in frames with family photos taken on the beach, etc. Great idea -- but seriously -- who has the time/energy/storage space for that?

In true dilettante fashion, as soon as we stood to move to another section of the store, Amy wandered off when some bedding caught her eye.

Shortly after, Amanda was staging a photo op from the "red clambake table setting" that involved a "big mr. vomit" and a "lil mr. vomit" bucket. As I was about to snap the picture, I was scolded by a Pottery Barn fembot who told me that it was corporate policy that no photos be allowed in the store. The store is set up to look exactly like the catalog, which looks exactly like the web site, which is available to like, the entire universe. I doubt anyone would be finding Pottery Barn corporate secrets from the staged photo taken by my disposable camera.

The outing ended with brunch at Cafe Deluxe across the street. Highlights: Amanda being surrounded by an assortment of crazies, my husband going to New Orleans and getting a rash down there (but not "down there"),