Sunday, August 10, 2014

August 2014 Activity -- Reflexology

Health Plan Massage
Church Street, Vienna, VA
Sunday, August 10, 2014
Cost: $35 for one-hour foot massage/reflexology lesson

We were Sigma psyched for this Dilettante activity. (I say this because the two guest Dilettantes, Kira and Carrie were Tri-Sig sorority sisters of mine at JMU.) And because we would never actually say that.

(These two are also part of the gang that does girls' weekends. Like this year's trip to Austin, and prior trips to Las Vegas and Atlantic City.)

Dilettante Kathleen was already familiar with this salon as a) the owner lets her pet turtles hang out on the patio outside her shop so it is a must-visit for her child every time they're on Church Street and b) Dilettante Kathleen's husband goes there regularly for massages and gets teased by the women who work there for his extraordinarily large feet.
Reflexology chart showing zones. This was
essentially all of the learning that took place.
Other than learning that I need to do this every week.
We were all seated next to each other in the front of the salon and our reflexology began with a neck, shoulder and back massage. It really helped work out the knots (and caused Kathleen and Carrie to ask for some mercy as it was a deep massage). This prompted Kira to dub us "wimps."

The women then went to work on our feet, so we all laid back and did not speak or move or open our eyes for the next 45 minutes -- we simply listened to the spa music and relaxed. And when it was over...we all kind of floated out of the salon. (Well, after showing the women a photo of my husband so they could confirm it was he of the gigantic feet and laugh heartily...)

One of the owner's turtles.
The other of the owner's turtles.
We ended the activity with an prolonged brunch up the street at Bazin's.