Tuesday, June 12, 2007

June 2007 Activity -- Hand Dancing

Monday, June 11, 2007
Lincoln Theatre
U Street, Washington, DC
6:30 or 8:30pm

Hand dancing sucks. That’s a baseless comment, because we know nothing of hand dancing. We all arrived at the Lincoln Theatre on U Street in DC only to find out that some kind of schmancy graduation ceremony was going on. Thusly, the hand dancing class was apparently cancelled for the evening – a fact not shared with the hand dancing web site…or on the voice mail of the woman I called whose phone number was listed on the hand dancing web site. Oh, hand dancing…why dost thou forsake us?

So, what do three women (Amy crapped out – apparently the memo about dilettante activities being optional only went out to Amy and Nicole) do with a suddenly-open hand dancing slot? Go shopping, of course! Have you seen the cute boutiques on U Street? Sadly, many of them close by 7pm. Happily, Pop stays open until 8pm --giving us plenty of time to try on almost every garment in the store. Kathleen and Nicole proceeded to make this the most expensive dilettante activity on record in a span of about an hour.

After learning how to shop efficiently, we learned how to eat and drink on the roof top deck of Local 16. And we learned that the server should be forced to set down the Chimay and back away slowly – he was that remedial in the pouring department. Food was pretty good/drinks were great, but orders for them were taken too slowly. However, it was a perfect night weather-wise and we were seated next to a smart ass. So it ended up being a pretty great night.