Tuesday, September 09, 2014

September 2014 Activity -- Lady Parts Justice Adventure

September 27, 2014
Supreme Court/Planned Parenthood
Washington, DC

As we are a fan of Lizz Winstead and her Lady Parts Justice V to Shining V Initiative, we figured we'd show support by participating in the event in true Dilettante fashion -- by trying to haphazardly organize a party and then deciding to dismiss that for Plan B -- taking our party kit to some relevant locations in the Nation's capital which were all conveniently located along metro's orange line.

Dilettantes Amy and Kathleen participated this month. Dilettante Amanda is currently in Berlin celebrating Oktoberfest, cheering her father in the Berlin marathon, and travelling with less of a companion than at the beginning of the journey, as he had an emergency gallbladder removal in Germany. (Sometimes we think she just makes this stuff up to have the best holiday letter. It's not a competition, Dilettante Amanda.)

After meeting at Dilettante Amy's house in Arlington, the other Dilettantes made it onto the orange line and toward Capitol South station near the Supreme Court. Although, because they had not caught up in a while, their yammering prevented either of them from noticing when they went not one..... not two.... not three..... but FOUR stops past their station and it was not until Dilettante Amy realized that they were now above ground that they were nearing the Benning Road stop.


We hopped out at Benning Road and caught the train on the other side of the platform the four stops back to Capitol South. (Where, even though we were using a GPS, we went the wrong way and ended up doing the .7 mile loop around the block, rather than the .3 mile loop.) Listen, we had a LOT to catch up on and paying attention to directions was just not a priority.

Finally made it to the Supreme Court. Where we were not allowed
past the barriers to take a photo. 

Yes. Those are uteri (shut up, it's a word)  in front of the Supreme Court.

Near the Capital Hilton. Which, for the record, is NOT where Reagan
got shot. We were ON OUR GAME in terms of situational
awareness tonight.

As we wandered and tried to find the Lincoln-themed restaurant with pennies on the floor that Amy swears she was not making up, we happened by an interesting-looking Russian restaurant and lounge. The gentleman at the door told us we should come inside and so we did. And we immediately fell in love...with the decor, the charming hostess, the vodka drinks and particularly the joyful and awesome accordion player (I say that like there is any other kind.) Dilettante Kathleen enjoyed herself so much, it was mid-meal before she realized the tableau that Dilettante Amy had created on the table:

Eunice the Uterus all dolled up and enjoying a
refreshing cocktail at Mari Vanna.
A lovely evening for a (much longer) walk (than we expected) in many areas of the Nation's Capital.

P.S. Dilettante Amy is no Martha Stewart when it comes to cutting out fallopian tubes.