Friday, June 01, 2012

June 2012 Activity -- Laughter Yoga

Thursday, June 21st
Arlington Central Library Auditorium
1015 N. Quincy Street
Arlington, VA  22201
Cost: Free
Instructor: Diane Cohen


Dilettante Kathleen found this activity through the DC Web Women listserv to which she subscribes.

The description asked, "Stressed?  Need a laugh?" And we replied, "Yes. Always."  We signed up to learn the 5 key points of laughter yoga; the 3 reasons to practice; and the 4 steps. After e-mailing with Diane who told us to wear something comfortable and to come prepared to laugh, the Dilettantes and guest Dilettante Liz headed into Arlington.

Dilettantes Kathleen and Amy met at the Central Library to discover that at the last minute, the class had been moved from the Auditorium to a room in the children's section of the library. Tres appropriate.

We got started right at 7:00pm by going around the room and making introductions. Everyone would say, "Hi, I'm {state your name}" and then the rest of the people in the room would laugh. Then, we went around the room again, this time stating where we were from...and again, everyone in the room would laugh in response. This was as funny as it sounds, and got even funnier when stragglers (ahem, Guest Dilettante Liz) came in after the exercise and got to participate in it with no introductory context. Dilettante Amanda was even later (thanks, public transportation) and really walked t

Apparently, your brain registers laughter whether or not it is authentic, and your body begins to feel all the benefits of laughing for an hour after you do this.