Tuesday, March 24, 2015

January 2015 Activity -- Furniture Painting Class

Friday, January 23, 2015
The Front Porch Furniture Rescue
817 West Broad Street, Falls Church, VA  22046
Cost: $50 

Assortment of items we could select to paint.
We found this activity on Craigslist -- an activity that promised we could listen to music, sip wine and paint a fun project. We could either choose among frames, vases, wood plates and bowls or bring a small piece of furniture from home. All supplies were included.

This would be awesome if it was yellow.
Like buttah.

In preparation, I found this table in our basement and thought it would be perfect to funkify (well it should be a word). However, after wrangling it into the car and dealing with the wintry mix conditions on the way over, the thought of re-wrangling it up a narrow staircase at the Front Porch didn't seem like a great idea. And after participating in this class, I realized there was no way I would have finished painting this in the two-hour time frame. So...this will be a project for another day. (Reality check: this will never happen).

Just like buttah.
We found out earlier in the day that the class was going to be just the three of us (me, my next-door neighbor, Liz, and her sister-in-law, Amy) being led by Front Porch owner, Joni.

It was actually a great sized class as we got to learn a lot about chalk paint and painting techniques to make our pieces look aged. All while enjoying wine, cheese and fruit. (And sparkling cider...for the DD.)

Amy liked the orange paint so much, she decided
to paint her phone, too. After asking WWJD? 
(In this case, What Would Jed Do?)

With our creations.
(And Amy's shirt does say, "I'm not bi-polar, I'm bi-WINNING!"
You read that right.)

Liz's vase at home on her kitchen table.