Thursday, September 20, 2012

September 2012 Activity -- Cotton Candy Making

Saturday, September 22, 2012
Dilettante Kathleen's House, Oakton, VA
Cost: Free

Hopefully you've missed us these past two months -- God knows we've missed each other. (Which is shameful considering we took a shooting class and learned how to aim properly.) "Keep coming up with those horrible puns. They kill us." Said no one, ever.

Dilettantus Interruptus was caused by many things: work travel, fun travel, time travel, births, funerals, commitments to do-gooder organizations, commitments to institutions, and general over-bookedness.

However, because we never miss what's hip and happening (Avett Brothers phenomenon aside), the Dilettantes are reuniting at my child's seventh birthday party. When the party is over, we plan to drink Avery beer (in honor of my spawn) and hijack the cotton candy machine we purchased for her county fair birthday party to work on our mad cotton candy makin' skillz.

We're easing back in. Which is what he said.

Cotton candy making was fun! Dilettante Kathleen demonstrated the technique, as she became something of an expert while twirling the floss (not a euphemism) for the kiddos at the party. The other Dilettantes made the rookie mistake of creating hard balls of cotton candy that were at first wound too tight, but then got into the rhythm and created the softer, fluffier (correct) consistency.

Time to realize our Collective Dream of becoming carnies. And not just dating them.......Amy.


Like McKayla, Amy is not impressed.