Monday, May 30, 2011

May 2011 Activity -- Sailing

Sailing Teacher (and LLPOF) Amy
and Dilettante Kathleen
Annapolis Sailing School
Severn River
Saturday, May 28th
Annapolis, MD
$79/person - half price through Groupon

There are worse ways to spend a few hours on a gorgeous holiday weekend than sailing the Chesapeake Bay. (Trying to get to Arlington on Route 66 to meet people for a run on Sunday morning would be one of those ways.)

Dressed in our nautical and maternity best, we met our sailing coach, Amy, on the dock of the sailing school and went aboard.

We spent the next two hours learning a little about how to sail and a lot about how much we enjoy being on a boat that someone else is steering while we sailed by the U.S. Naval Academy, a beautiful schooner and an osprey named Rupert. We did learn about different types of sailboats, types of sails (jib, mainsail, spinnaker), sailing terms (come about and tack), boat parts (tiller, rudder, cleat) and of course, the one part that made us laugh every time Teacher Amy mentioned it -- the winch. Because of the context in which it was stated, "Now, wrap the rope around the winch" the Dilettantes would (obviously) try and wrap it around the Dilettante seated nearest to them.

God, we are juvenile.
Dilettante Amanda getting ready to wrap the line around the winch.
Teacher Amy also taught us about the Poop Deck after Dilettante Amanda brought it up (see "juvenile" above). The teacher swore to us that the poop deck really was the vessel's bathroom, even though I said, "are you sure? I always thought it was just a name that meant something else on the boat." She assured us it was the bathroom, so at a cookout later that evening I happened to mention this and someone did a quick Google search on their iPhone and revealed that it, in fact, is a deck that forms the roof of a cabin built in the aft (rear) part of a ship, and the name comes from the French word for stern, la poupe (ha ha ha ha ha snort).

(Our teacher was probably telling the story to people at a cookout she attended that night, explaining how gullible newbie sailors were...)

My future partners in sailboat ownership.
Lunch followed at Pusser's in downtown Annapolis with a table overlooking Ego Alley. Summer rocks.


YinMetYang said...

Jokes about le poupe but nothing about Pusser's?? I don't even know you anymore.

dilettante07 said...

Two things:
1) It was Amy who inquired about the poop deck. I would never ask something so immature. I simply asked where the plank was.

2) The photo at the bottom seems to be cropped in a strange way. Hmm.

Brutalism said...

YMY - I cannot believe I left that part out. Seriously. I don't even know me anymore.

Tante -
a) I need to get my facts straight. Not that facts have ever interfered with my writing before...
b) I looked horrible in that photo...but the teacher looked even more horrible (she had a weird look on her face). Also, I am the main pic on the post so I figured it was not necessary to have me in that pic, too. What's yer point?

Christian at Point Counter-Point Point Point said...

My definition of poop deck was sort of a combination of the ones above, which I now see is wrong.

I think this is what those officials from Carnival Cruise Lines were trying to tell me, when they escorted me off the ship.

Brutalism said...

Christian - It's an honest mistake. Was Kathie Lee singing whilst you were escorted off? (Tell me yes no matter what, as that is how I envision all cruises work...)