Tuesday, July 07, 2009

July 2009 Activity -- Kangoo Jumps

Kangoo Jumps Class
Sunday, July 19, 2009
Golds Gym
Woodbridge, VA

Kangoo Jumps is an aerobics class. That you do while wearing contraptions on your feet that look like a combination of ski boot and springboard.(Because keeping up with the choreography in aerobics has never been challenging enough.) (At least for the "helmet brigade" portion of the Dilettantes...)

Aside from wobbling around like a newborn fawn when first standing up in these boots, we got used to them pretty quickly and had a great time in this class. You cannot be in anything but a good mood when bounding around like a kangaroo in time to great music. (Which is why school dances in the 80s were so much fun.)

You might think that the instructor (think Stockard Channing with white-blonde hair) would take it easy on a class that was about half full (I'm an optimist!) of people who had never been on these contraptions before. Not the case. We went full tilt for the entire hour. There were many moves that were reminiscent of tap dancing...and also some moves that were pulled right from an MC Hammer video. (Why Madonna has not incorporated this into the choreography for her latest tour we may never know.)

And aside from some blistering and chafing where the boots rubbed our legs, we all felt (but did not smell) great after class. The fact that this is low impact made a big difference.

We followed up class with lunch at The Original Steakhouse in Woodbridge. And then a nap.


JenBC said...

Excellent ladies! For bonus points, I'd love to see you now reprise some of your most thrilling events... while wearing your new hopping gear. Hooping Kangoo. Hip Hop Kangoo. Canvassing for Obama (we're hopping mad for health care) Kangoo. And finally, Segway Kangoo.

The Absurdist said...

Note to Brutalism: Next time you decide to slack off, er, I mean "spend the class taking pictures" make sure there isn't a mirror in the background. Oops.


Brutalism said...

JenBC - Dying over "hopping for health care" -- I think you may be onto something. Is this the type of stuff you propose up north? Truly fantastic.

Jason - Someone has to document. I was willing to make the sacrifice while the others got to enjoy Kangoo. I'm a giver. A selfless one.

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