Wednesday, July 16, 2008

August 2008 Activity -- Palm Reading

Sunday, August 3rd, 2:00pm-3:00pm
Amy's House -- Arlington, Virginia
Cost: $42.50/person for a one-hour class on how to read palms and then a ten-minute session for each person to get her palm read.

We decided to have brunch at the Four P's before the activity, and then went back to Amy's house house to meet the palm reader and learn the art? skill? technique? of palm reading. Her (so-on-target-it's-scary) assessment of each of us is below:

Has wispy lines -- a combination of fire and lots of water. She has small hands and is "very steamy." She is someone who will erupt if somebody hurts her feelings or the feelings of someone she loves. Because of the prominent water lines, she adapts well to situations and "chooses her container" to fit into. Can be compared to a little girl who chases a butterfly...her attention can easily move from one thing to another. She is either very punctual or very late -- has time issues. Makes a conscious effort to be on time, save money, etc. Is afraid of being flaky. She is comforted by home and where her stuff is -- not a big adventurer. Her long fingers indicate that she wants to make a connection, her thumbs are rigid -- meaning that she is good at establishing boundaries. She is successful, innovative --an artist -- which is her life's purpose.

Amy: Has fire and earth, well-rounded hands. Lots of energy, she is a human Google with lots of information. She's the "hub of the wheel" and her friends look to her for information -- she is pretty close to a super computer in this regard. She likes a lot of detail; has a good gut instinct; is a good communicator and is good at helping people. Based on a spot that recently appeared on Amy's hand, the palm reader noted, "when you're pregnant, you don't get to be as big and bold in expressing yourself sexually." (This caused all dilettantes to die laughing as Amy's OB-GYN put a moratorium on all sexual activity for the last third of her pregnancy.) She has great, entrepreneur's thumbs that are just flexible enough...indicating that she knows how to set boundaries. She likes to make connections and is creative, but needs to start using her creativity and innovation -- has a need to invent and not follow.

Amanda: Success is her highest-ranking print. (Blah, blah, blah -- she graduated from Wharton...whatever.) She's extremely flexible, easy going...also has prominent water lines and a lot of air. Has long fingers and lightly etched lines. Her feelings are close to the surface and she feels very deeply but she fights feeling this deeply and that hurts. Also has a lot of healing lines. There is lead in her zone of creativity (from a pencil incident in home ec class when she was young, it is still hard to talk about), which may have stifled some of this creativity. Her strongest line is her time-money line. Her life is connected to the ability to communicate and use words, though she is not using this as much as she could. She needs to find a way to bring creativity in (we helpfully suggested she could give her next presentation for her consulting gig through the magical beauty of rhythmic gymnastics). She is good at understanding others' boundaries, but needs to create better boundaries for herself. She also has a strong sense of intuition (but she knew I was going to write that).

Kathleen: Airhands. Strongest prints are the thumb and index finger, which indicate a successful leader. She likes to be around successful people, but may not want to be the ultimate leader -- would be happy to be a VP (hear that, Obama?). She's good at asking questions and would be a good reporter or a good person to teach other people to do things. She establishes boundaries, but is willing to bend. She is tough on herself (indicated by the fact that she insisted on re-taking her picture for this post, because in the first one her arms looked too fat) and is good at making things happen. Her strong line of clairvoyance allows her to sometimes skip the learning curve. She needs to trust herself and recognize that she deserves what she is going to get. She is a gifted healer with the ability to heal others, but is maybe not using that. She is a writer...a blogger who likes to tell her story. She has a strong "philosopher" line and is strong and silent -- needs to "go back to her cave" to rejuvenate after being around people.

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