Monday, August 06, 2007

August 2007 Activity -- Salsa Dancing

Monday, August 13, 2007
Clarendon Grill
Arlington, VA
Cost: $5 for beginner class and social dance at 9:00pm
Well, who knew that a salsa class in Arlington on a Monday night would be so well-attended? This was pretty cool -- there were about 40-50 people here -- all ages, all ethnicities, all (not "both" -- "all") sexes -- sometimes the DC area is surprising in its lack-of-stodginess.
The instructor was enthusiastic, if not a little bit corny. Whatever...he taught us to salsa. We all mastered the few basic steps that he taught us and were actually doing what resembled a dance in time to music within about 45 minutes, taking our leave only when it became apparent that there might be some partnering up with guys. (And thus prompting the dilettantes to state their credo of "not touching anyone they don't know.")
We ducked out to the Eleventh Street Lounge next door for dinner and drinks. Amy insisted that we all order a fancy cocktail to begin...even though we're normally a beer/wine crowd. A sidecar, lime rickey, pineapple-tini and raspberry beret later, we were hitting our stride. This was followed by a few rounds of beers and about a million stories and laughs.

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